The Mystery of Ear Discomfort: “Feels Like Water in My Ear” – Why?

14 September 2023
Category: Ear Pro Blog

What’s That Feeling of Water in the Ear?

Everyone, at one point or another, has experienced it: that peculiar “feels like water in my ear” sensation. Whether it’s post-swim, after a shower, or seemingly out of nowhere, the discomfort and auditory distortion can be unsettling.

Understanding the Anatomy and the “Water Stuck” Sensation

Your ear is an intricate structure. When water enters the ear canal, it can become trapped, leading to that notorious “sounds like water in my ear” feeling. But why does this happen more often to some people and less to others? The ear canal’s angle and the presence of earwax can play significant roles. It is a peculiar issue for children as they have much smaller ear canals and water has a harder time leaving the ear naturally. This is why swimmers ear and ear infections disproportionately affect children. Around the age of fourteen, most peoples ear canals grow larger but a small portion of the populations ear canals remain smaller and these unlucky souls will likely suffer regular ear problems related to water through their lives.

European Waters: How They Impact the “Water in Ear” Sensation

From the Mediterranean’s saltiness to Scandinavia’s freshwater lakes, the waters in Europe present unique challenges for our ears. Saltwater can cause the skin of the ear to become overly dry, heightening the sensation of trapped debris. This also can lead to micro cracks which allow bacteria to enter the skin and trigger outer ear infections – Otitis Externa. Conversely, freshwater can be a breeding ground for human pathogens leading to bacterial infections when water from lakes and rivers get trapped in the ear. And let’s not forget about pools: with varying sanitization chemicals across European pools, the mix of water and chemicals can enhance the sensation of ear discomfort.

Seeking Relief: Navigating the “Water Stuck in Ear for Days” Concern

If you’ve ever thought, “It feels like water’s been stuck in my ear for days,” you’re not alone. For extended discomfort or if you suspect an infection, seeking medical advice is crucial.

The “feeling of water in ear” is a widespread yet perplexing sensation. European waters, with their unique characteristics, can sometimes enhance this experience. Recognising these nuances and understanding the causes can pave the way for effective solutions and relief.


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