ScubaPortal recommends EarPro

ScubaPortal is Italy’s premier destination for all aspects around scuba diving. In October 2020, its managing editor tested EarPro and published his findings in their magazine.

ScubaPortal kindly agreed for a translated version of this review to be published here:


ScubaPortal recommends EarPro

EarPro is a oregano oil-based, convenient spray which comes with naturally antibacterial properties. EarPro claims that it helps fight bacteria which may cause ear infections and pain, but, while doing so, doesn’t impact the healthy and needed good bacteria in our ear canals.

Recently, during a week of diving on the island of Elba, I had the opportunity to test if EarPro is indeed a new and effective way to fighting ear issues – the traditional nemesis of many divers.

Here is how EarPro works: you simply spray it into your ears before entering the water and the solution creates a layer waterproofing the external auditory canal. This will prevent any water to be trapped. Often, trapped water causes the growth of harmful bacteria which may lead to infections (external otitis), pain, irritation and swelling. The oregano oil doesn’t only smell nicely, it also helps to fight the growth of such harmful bacteria. Clinical tests confirm that specifically those germs responsible for ear infections are the ones eradicated. This is in stark contrast to most of the products that divers use to prevent or treat ear problems. Typically, these are based on alcohol or other substances that dry out the very delicate and sensitive environment within our ears, killing the entirety of the microbial flora in our outer ear canals in the process.

I used EarPro before each dive as instructed, immediately getting a feeling of freshness and well-being in the ear, which remains naturally soft and moist. I have never had the sensation of a plugged ear, or of hearing loss. I definitely recommend it, for all the reasons listed above.


The original post was written by Massimo Boyer, Scubazone’s Managing & Editorial Director. You can connect with Scubazone on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or subscribe to their news via RSS.

EarPro thanks ScubaPortal and Massimo for this great article and review!

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What to do when you’ve got water stuck in your ears [Infographic]

Playing in water is fun for people of all ages and many people enjoy swimming, surfing and lots of other activities in water to their fullest. But, all of the splashing around can also lead to water getting trapped in your ears creating a sense fullness in either one or sometimes even both ears. When this – typically bacteria-laden – water isn’t properly drained, the warm, moist environment of the ear canal creates a perfect environment for bacteria to multiply and may cause an infection.

That’s why we put together this helpful infographic giving you essential information on what causes water to be trapped in our ears in the first place, what we can do to prevent this from happening as well as any related health issues and when it is time to see a doctor.