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You enjoy the water but not trapped water or painful ears? EarPro is specially designed to help regardless if you are into professional or amateur water sports like swimming, surfing, kitesurfing, diving or snorkeling.

EarPro is professionally engineered for swimming and other immersive water sports. It's a medically safe and hygienic solution to prevent discomfort due to trapped water, swimmers / surfers ear and waterborne infections.

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A small miracle bottle that goes a
long way! Both my kids suffer terribly from ear infections no matter what water they swim in. This summer they have been in and out of both the pool and the sea, and they didn’t get a single infection!
Can only recommend! Easy to use
and really effective.

Jennifer Ellery
Surfer, Shaper and Artist, Southern California

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Second time I have taken this with me on a liveaboard. 36 dives over 9 days, and none of the usual discomfort / problems with my ears. Does what it says on the box, great product.

John Hicks

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Having had ear infections from surfing I had tried everything – I thought. This came recommended to me by a fellow surfer and I haven’t looked back since – it works wonders.
I highly recommend it.

Andreas Svensson

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I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel!

I really want to thank you for the earpro bottles. we used them during our trip to Mexico and it really helps is. In the cave are a lot of bats so that can give problems with your ears after a few days.
we used the earpro before.

so thank you for that.

Anja S

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I started using EarPro on my last dive trip in Indonesia. It was Fabulous! Since an ear infection picked up several years ago, I have struggled with trapped water and that temporary deafness that comes after diving. But with EarPro that was all now a thing of the past… all i need is a quick shake of my head and boom – water gone! No annoying post dive issues. Really great product, so happy it is on the market now.

Susannah Erbe