About EarPro

EarPro is a newly developed, effective solution for trapped water and related ear problems. Acting by coating the outer ear canal with a highly water-repellent layer with natural anti-infection properties, EarPro prevents water getting trapped – the main cause of: Outer ear infections, Pain and discomfort and Swimmer's and surfer's ear

You enjoy the water but not trapped water or painful ears?

EarPro is specially designed to help regardless if you are into professional or amateur water sports like swimming, surfing, kitesurfing, diving or snorkeling.


‘Swimmer’s ear’ (in medical terms also known as otitis externa) is a painful condition where the skin in the ear canal becomes infected. ‘Swimmer’s ear’ occurs when water gets trapped in the outer ear canal. It is a common condition among swimmers and active watersports enthusiasts such as surfers. Anyone can get ‘Swimmer’s ear’ even those who are not fully immersed in water. Having just a small amount of water in your ear can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which cause inflammation, irritation, and infection. When water gets stuck in the ear, bacteria can get beneath the surface of the skin causing ‘Swimmer’s ear’.


Apart from general discomfort, symptoms can be: ear pain, itching and irritation in and around the ear canal, redness and swelling of the outer ear and ear canal, a feeling of pressure and fullness inside the ear, scaly skin in and around the ear canal, which may peel off, discharge from the ear, which can be either thin and watery or thick and pus-like, tenderness when the ear or jaw is moved, swollen and sore glands in the throat, some hearing loss could be possible.

EarPro waterproof your ears
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