About Earpro

Our vision:

To help 1 mill people by 2024 to enjoy the water again, without painful ears, or the fear thereof

Our Story

How it all started

Paul and Tradian met and became friends on the tiny island of Koh Tao, Thailand in 2000. Paul was a dive instructor and Tradian a wannabe Divemaster. Unfortunately, they lost contact once Tradian left the island, it was the pre-Facebook era.

Reunion in Egypt

Fast forward to July 2002. Tradian was enjoying a quiet drink and watching the sunset in the sleepy village of Dahab, Egypt. He heard laughter and a voice he recognised so he turned around to see Paul entering the courtyard on a bike with another friend on the handlebars. It turned out he was working in Egypt and they celebrated his birthday together

Dive trips & “ScubaTribe“

This time making sure not to lose contact, they went on several dive trips over the coming years. In 2012 they founded ScubaTribe as a side project, a customer review platform for the diving industry.

Founding EarPro

*Interesting fact*

In his 5 years of working on and off in the diving industry, Tradian saw loads of dive trips ruined by ear problems. He moved to London in 2007 and worked with the likes of Carlsberg and P&G helping with product innovation and more recently, in the Pharma industry.

In April 2019, his family's beach holiday was spoiled because his son suffered from an ear infection. Frustrated by the treatments and lack of preventative products on the market he set to work to find a solution to this “fun-ruining” disease. With his contacts in the pharma industry, and especially thanks to a close friend with 35+ years experience, he developed the formula for EarPro.

*Interesting fact*

In December 2000, Paul started teaching scuba diving in Thailand. He had his first occupational ear infection in January of 2001 and, over the next 5 years, he spent a good bit of time on antibiotics, mixing vinegar with alcohol and/or just sitting out of the water waiting for his ears to heal.

In 2005, he lost 70% of the hearing in his right ear and 20% in his left and had to stop diving as a career. Even short dive trips would cause lasting ear problems but as he loved the water, he suffered through it.

When Tradian showed him EarPro, he was skeptical but as he trusted Tradian completely, he tried it and his ear problems are now a thing of the past. Currently he is teaching and diving regularly with happy ears in the beautiful waters of the Pacific. In early 2019, he joined the company as an investor and partner.

In February 2020 they hired their first employee, Nataliya. She is in charge of many tasks, from customer service to research and assists Tradian and Paul with all sorts of crucial tasks, a true godsend.

Our team

Tradian A. Maier
Founder and Puppet Master

Tradian loves the water and everything water related. He is an avid diver, kayaker and swimmer and enjoys sharing his passion for the water with his young son. He has a MIB degree from EAE Barcelona, and has worked in the medical procurement field for 6 years. He was born Hungarian but grew up in Sweden and has lived and travelled all over the world.

"I am very proud and humble to work with such a game changing product as EarPro. Together we help millions partake in the joys of the water again."

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Nataliya Nepochatova
Account Manager and all-around nice person

Before EarPro, Nataliya used to help diving operators around the world take advantage of the power of online reviews. She enjoys swimming and can often be found building sandcastles. She is our social media voice and can answer all your questions about EarPro.

"Why waste your time thinking of how to get water out of your ears? Use EarPro and forget about this problem forever."

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Paul O. Dollar
Investor and active promoter

Paul, a diving instructor of over 20 years, has guided several thousands through their first underwater experiences.

A surfer (being from California), swimmer and kayaker he has participated in pretty much every other water sport you can name. Paul studied Industrial Design, Art, Web Development, Business, Acting and…

He likes to call himself a professional student, still studying at various universities.

"I have used and promoted every method of ear issue prevention and treatment with mixed results but EarPro actually works!"

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Nina Walloch
Marketing & Comms Advisor

Nina is a digital communications expert with a passion for content and storytelling. She helps companies find effective ways to grow their business and supports EarPro in making great marketing decisions.

She loves travelling, plants and listening to the sound of the ocean.

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